Tongkat Ali For Erectile Dysfunction

Frankly speaking, it’s completely fine to end up with an unsatisfactory sexual encounter after a stressful day at work, plus, it’s also natural not to feel the urge even when your partner is crazily aroused.

After all, things can never be perfect no matter how hard we wish and how hard we try, however, something that is not acceptable and worth a consideration is when things become a norm and happen more often than usual.

That is, you may not feel the need to get closer to your partner at all, or worst, end up ejaculation too quick, following weak erections at the time of arousals!


Now there are several causes that can be held responsible when a man fails to become sexually aroused, but for frequently weak and brief erections, it is generally regarded as Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction is a common male-related concern that hampers the sexual performance to a level his relation with his partner starts to deteriorate. In simple words, we can say that it affects the control he has on his erections through premature ejaculation and soft erections.

Similar to many other medical problems in the world, ED has causes too, like:

  • Aging / andropause lead by aging.
  • Over usage of medicines.
  • Certain health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Extreme stress.
  • Undue weight.
  • Depression
  • Excessive drinking and smoking.


As per the science, erectile dysfunction is lead when the reproductive area- or say, the genitals become short of blood supply owing to any ‘unsolicited’ problems mentioned above.

However, science also indicates that many of these situations heavily affect the body’s ability to produce testosterone which maintains and runs the reproductive functioning of men. Saying this would be right on point that a decline in T’s is equivalent to poor sex drive, premature ejaculations, weak erections, and the list goes on.

ED can be mild or moderate, where mild signifies a slight decline in virility whereas moderate depicts a relatively intense form of erectile dysfunction.

The latter, which is far more common, calls for medical intervention/ natural measures way more seriously than the mild one which often tends to temporary and self-addressable in nature.


It isn’t uncommon to witness men spending a fortune on medical methods to treat something that is easily treatable (and more effectively treatable) through natural measures. No wonder, science and research have reached the highest degree of advancement but you would agree that progressive treatments are extremely steep, painful and complication-friendly.

Thereby, the best is to pursue natural methods, particularly when they are promising and effective enough to trust.

So for a problem like this, we would advise you to consider Tongkat Ali!


In simple words, it is an indigenous Malaysian rain forest tree- the plant and roots of which offers an abundance of therapeutic effects to people, or say, men in particular. Lot has been said about Tongkat Ali and lot has been proven about the plant, but the most interesting thing that has been testified about Tongkat Ali is that it facilitates the growth of testosterone- the hormone that settles several sex-related concerns in men, then and there!


In the older times, the root of Tongkat Ali was treated as a significant aphrodisiac for the extensive support it offers to young and older men with sex related problems.

Basically, its root encompasses some very critical compounds that have been investigated and established to restore the normal and healthy production of testosterone which favors men through the boost in sex drive, quality and quantity of sperm.

But that’s not the end of the story; higher level of T’s tackles temporary impotence/Erectile dysfunction in a very well- managed way- unless poor testosterone is the real cause behind your poor performance in bed.

So Tongkat Ali supports the production of testosterone that ultimately supports you perform harder- and longer!


An investigation conducted six years back took a sample of 76 men, out of which, only 35% were found to have healthy level of T’s. Interestingly, the figure amplified to 90% after the sample was given Tongkat Ali for a mere period of 30 days.

Another study of the same level found that the regular intake of Tongkat Ali aided men with erectile functioning, sperm production and sex drive to a significant level.

Besides, there are some researchers that also claim its contribution in the improvement of fertility, owing to the hormone support it offers.


Tongkat Ali is indeed promising and evidently, the natural and low-cost treatment for Erectile Dysfunction, and not just ED, but a viable cure for many other sexual disorders as well!


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